How To Measure:

• Take measure in 6 places, 3 width, 3 height between posts (inches please)
• Record smallest width and height in each opening
• This is your rough opening or day light opening size
• Measure from one end of the room and around and number your openings
• We will label each window with your number
• Make sure this opening is the finished size (no alterations after)
• Factory deducts 1/8” from frame size from your measurements
• Make sure that you have a flat surface at least 1” wide on all 4 sides of were the window is to be mounted. There is a 1” flange on all four sides of the window

For further details, please see our How To Videos for more information.

REMEMBER: These units are designed so you need no interior trimming between the porch framing and the window unit. Normally a thin bead of caulking is all that is needed to finish off your installation. Note, you can trim out pine or with quarter round or other trim to match your style if you want but it is not needed.

NOTE: Once orders are placed , they can not be changed or cancelled.  So remember “measure twice, and you will only have to order once!”