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Inside or Outside Mount?

Here at www.ezebreezestore.com we mostly sell outside mount PGT Eze-Breeze Vertical 4 track window units….So why the inside mount you ask?  These are some of the reasons we have seen for the inside mount units.

  • Work is being done on a second story and the home owner does not want to work from a ladder, easier install
  • There is existing exterior trim that would be impacted by an outside mount installation
  • There is an exterior rail that would be impacted in an outside mount application.

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PGT Eze-Breeze and Rails – No Problem

Here at www.ezebreezestore.com, the majority of the Vertical 4 Track units that we sell are the “outside mount” or exterior flange option.  However there are those instances where an “inside mount” would make more sense……like in the case where there is an exterior rail on your porch.  Another instance is a second floor screen room that you can’t get a ladder to or just are not interested in working from and elevated height.  The options are there within the Eze-Breeze line of products to account for just about any situation you may have.

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Exterior Rails - GO with the inside mount option

Exterior Rails – GO with the inside mount option