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“Excellent support in placing complicated order. Very patient while asking a LOT of questions. Product delivered on time (actually a bit ahead of time). Extremely well packed, high quality. Installation videos on-line were very helpful. Very happy with the final product!” – James D


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  1. Stefan Johansson
    Stefan Johansson says:

    This started out great. The ordering process was very good. The customer support was very responsive and easy to work with. Unfortunately it went downhill from there. My windows did show up on schedule (or even a few days earlier than expected). However, due to poor packaging 2 out of the 8 I ordered were damaged. A third had been built to the wrong dimensions. So, 3 out of 8 were unusable due to errors made by the manufacturer.At this point you’d think they’d rush some replacement items out and perhaps make some other accommodations to keep the customer happy. Just the opposite happened. This was May 19, it’s now July 15 and I’m still waiting for my replacement windows. The two estimated shipping dates I was given have both come and gone and now I have no idea when (if?) I will get them. The seller does not appear to have any desire to make this right and is more interested in blaming others for the mistakes made by the manufacturer. This has been an extremely disappointing and frustrating experience. While the ordering process is great and the product OK I’d stay away, the customer support leaves a lot to be desired if things don’t go right.


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