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USA Women’s Gymnastics Are Cruising!

With everything going on this week in the world of Olympics sometimes it is easy to forget about the little people….in this case that would be the USA Women’s Gymnastics Team.  Medals are landing on their necks!  Good things come in small packages…and in PGT packing boxes.  Call us today to order your PGT Eze-Breeze Windows.  800-495-1833

USA Womens Gymnastics

PGT Eze-Breeze Repair is Simple

“So what happens if the screen rips?”  This is the question that we get asked due to the fact that the screen is rolled into the frame.  Well just like any typical window screen, the mesh rolls into the frame and is secured with a rubber strip.  If you are a DIY’er at heart you can usually find everything you need to roll in a new screen at your local home improvement store.  Of course if you need any materials and or some helpful tips feel free to call us at 800-495-1833.

FullSizeRender (8)

Golf Makes Its Olympic Return

Its BACCKKKK!  After a long hiatus Gold is returning to the Summer Games in Rio.  Catch all the excitement as the teams hit the link.  As you are “putting” around the house don’t forget to give www.ezebreezestore.com and call to ask about the PGT Eze-Breeze windows.  800-495-1833

PGT Eze-Breeze Porch Enclosures

One of the reasons you have a screen room is to enjoy the outdoors so without the annoyance of bugs…..So why a PGT Eze-Breeze unit with Vinyl windows?

If you are in Arizona and a dust storm blows through you are able to keep that mess out.

In states like North/South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Louisianan, Florida, Arkansas a small heater or an open door to a heated space and you just converted your screen room into one that can be enjoyed during the shoulder seasons.

In the Great Lakes Region, Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic keep the snow out and use that space in the dead of winter as a place to store your bicycles and lawn furniture.

Call www.ezebreezestore.com today about how to enclose your porch with the PGT Eze-Breeze Window…..800-495-1833

PGT Vinyl Windows In or Out – You Decide!

Many of you often ask, “how hard is it to remove the vinyl windows?”  Not hard at all.  Each vinyl window tips out similar to any newer double hung window……except extremely light.  So for those of you who want a screen room without any panels during the height of summer fear not.  Then when the weather starts to change, simply reverse the process and you have a weather tight room!  Call us today at 800-495-1833 for more information.  2016.06.30 - EZE b 2

Rio 2016 – USA is Racking up Medals

The USA has had an impressive 24 hours at the 2016 Olympic Games.  Support your country and your favorite events…….While you are taking in the games give www.ezebreezestore.com a call at 800-495-1833 and talk to our professionals about your dream screen room complete with PGT Eze-Breeze Windows.

Gold for the 4x200M Freestyle Relay

Gold for the 4x200M Freestyle Relay

M Phelps Gold in the 200M Butterfly

M Phelps Gold in the 200M Butterfly

K. Ledecky Gold in the 200M Freestyle

K. Ledecky Gold in the 200M Freestyle

Team Gold for the Final Five Team Gymnastics

Team Gold for the Final Five Team Gymnastics

Gold for K Armstrong in Women's Time Trials

Gold for K Armstrong in Women’s Time Trials

2016 Rio Olympics – Rugby 7’s

The debut of Rugby 7’s today in Rio.  Fast and intense and worth a watch.  See the link below for a list of USA athletes.  While you are taking in the action visit us at www.ezebreezewindow.com or call 800-495-1833.  Go USA!

Rugby 7’s Athletese

PGT Eze-Breeze Customer Photos

At www.ezebreezestore.com we LOVE to here from customers who love their product, especially those who send picture.  Take this recent install from Missouri, a true DIY install.  Old screen room/porch/deck that is in need of a new look?  Looking to extend the season or the type of weather you can enjoy your screen room in?  Loom no further than the PGT Eze-Breeze Window Systems.  Call us today for questions/help ordering your – 800-495-1833

Interior Before New Eze-Breeze Installed

Interior Before New Eze-Breeze Installed

Interior After - New Eze-Breeze Installed.

Interior After – New Eze-Breeze Installed.

Exterior Old - Before Eze-Breeze

Exterior Old – Before Eze-Breeze

Exterior After - New Eze-Breeze Installed

Exterior After – New Eze-Breeze Installed

Old Rear Elevation before Eze-Breeze

Old Rear Elevation before Eze-Breeze

New Eze-Breeze - Exterior Rear

New Eze-Breeze – Exterior Rear

2016 Rio Olympics USA Swimming!

Great start to USA swimming.  Another great day of sport on hand so find your event, settle in for the excitement, and give us a call to upgrade the Screen Room with the PGT Eze-Breeze Windows.  800-495-1833

Womens Swimming – Katie Ledecky 400m Free Style Gold and World Record

Mens Swimming – 4x100m Freestyle – GOLD!


Customer Reviews From YOU!!!!

…and the customers have spoken.  At www.ezebreezestore.com we like nothing more than the hear back from customers who have had a great experience.  We feel that this is what differentiates us from others out there.  Call us today and see why we continue to exceed customer expectations.  800-495-1833

“Excellent support in placing complicated order. Very patient while asking a LOT of questions. Product delivered on time (actually a bit ahead of time). Extremely well packed, high quality. Installation videos on-line were very helpful. Very happy with the final product!” – James D